Jatayu Earth s Center View Chadayamangalam

Jatayu Adventure Center, at Chadayamangalam, 50 km from Trivandrum, Kerala, is a unique entrant in the tourism map of India. A complete feast to your eyes, the world’s largest bird sculpture is the recreation of Mr. Rajiv Anchal’s years of aspiration. When open, Jatayu Nature Park will hold the distinction of having the world’s largest bird sculpture 61 m long, 46 m broad, 21 m in height and having 15,000 square feet 1,400 m2 of floor area of the great bird Jatayu. The destination is a masterpiece combination of artistry, mythology, technology, culture, adventure, leisure and wellness put together to give every visitor a spellbinding experience. The Jatayu Adventure Centre offers the largest adventure park within a natural terrain. Paintball, valley crossing, bouldering, zip line, trekking, archery, rappelling, jumaring and wall climbing are among the myriad activities available here. The climbing activities are designed around the natural rock formations on the hillside. While you are relishing the adrenaline rush the park offers you make sure you explore the multi cuisines at the food court with a panoramic view and the age-old Siddha Cave Healing Center as well for a complete, wholesome experience.