Jew Town View Fort Kochi

Jew Street will always tickle that nostalgic bone in you. As you stroll through these streets, there is always something that triggers a mellifluous trip down memory lane. You can choose from curios, antique pieces of crockery, carved wooden furniture, bronze and brass sculptures, remnants of traditional houses, and jewellery. With its famous Paradesi Synagogue and Jew Street, Kochi is the best place in the State to experience the lifestyle and culture of the Jewish community in the sub-continent. Once a Jews enclave, the Jews Street is now bereft of that community which left to Israel except one or two families. The Star of David inscribed variegated arches wear a worn-out look. The marvellous blue and green facades stand faded. The spice shops and curio souks so interestingly developed by Jews are still thriving in Market Road. Even though a multitude of Jews immigrated to Israel or converted, the region is still a Jewish township and you can see the traditions, customs and the old world charm here. The Jewish Synagogue is a must see.