Tirparappu Waterfalls

Tirparappu Waterfalls are located in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu state, India. The water fall at this place is about 13 kilometers from Pechiparai Dam. The river bed is rocky and about 300 feet in length. The water falls from a height of about 50 feet and the water flows for about seven months per year. The entire bed above the falls is one rocky mass which extends 250 metres upstream where the corporeal water is built for supplying water to the paddy fields. On the side of the river, on the waterfalls and the weir, there is a temple dedicated to Shiva enclosed by strong fortification. Other more serene waterfalls in this area are Vattaparai Falls and Kalikesam falls. Adjacent to Thiruparrapu Waterfalls, there are entertainment facilities for children like landscaped gardens, children’s park and swimming pool.