Panachikkadu Temple Kottayam Kerala India

The Panachikkadu Temple, also known as the Dakshana Mookambika, Mookambika of the South Temple, is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Saraswati. The temple is located in the southern region of the Indian Peninsula, in Panachikkad in Kottayam, Kerala, India. It is one of the most prominent Saraswati temples in Kerala. Vishnu is the main deity, who the devotees worship before Saraswati. Ganapati, Shiva, Sasthavu and Yakshi are sub-deities who are also worshiped in this temple. Above the Saraswati temple on the western side, there is a natural habitat made of exotic plants and their fragrant flowers. There lives the Yakshi, who is at once fastidious and easily made happy. The idol of a Brahmarakshas is also installed there. Even though there are Yakshi shrines in other temples, the power of the Yakshi at Panachikkadu is supposed to be more manifested. The idol of Yakshi has no structure to cover it. It is installed under the trees like Elinji and Ezhilam Pala. The trusteeship of the shrine is vested with Kizhapuram, Karunattu and Kaimukku Nambudiri Illams. They are the residents of Panachikkadu. The boys of the Illams carry out the rites there. Stone carvings on the walls illustrate Lord Vishnu and his servants playing a game similar to modern day Volleyball. This is supposed to be a representation of Vishnu's Preservation of the Universe, as he is seen dominating the opposition. These inscriptions also seem to suggest that India, and not USA, might have been the birthplace of the game. The major festival this temple hosts is the Saraswati Pooja in the month of Thulam A month in the Malayalam calendar known as Kollavarsham which falls approximately in September–October. During this festival, also known as Navaratri Nine Nights, a large number of pilgrims congregate here to pay homage to the deity. From various parts of India, devotees come here for Darshan, and religious people come here for Vidyarambham. The ceremony of Vidyarambham is held on Vijayadashami. On the day of ceremony, quite a number of people arrive at this temple to initiate the education of their children. A major international cultural festival of classical dance and music is also held in the temple for the duration of the nine nights of the Navarathri festival.Panachikkadu can be reached from Chingavanam 4 km by travelling through MC Road and from Eravinalloor 2.5 km.