Brahma Temple Tavanur Malappuram Kerala India

In all over India there are only two few Brahma Temples. But in Kerala there Is a Powerful Temple at Tavanur-Cheruthirunaavaaya, in the banks of Bharathappuzha river at Malappuram district. Thirunaavaya is already well known as Dakshina Kasi, because ,here with Vishnu, Brahma & Shiva, who is situated at the other side of the Bharathappuzha, will bless the soul for Moksha. So, it is the speciality of the 'Bali Karmam' which is done at Thirunavaya. In this Karma, Brhma's Prathi Purusha's are the Karmis of Balitharppanam. The one and only place where, the Trimurthi Temples are situated, is here at Thirunaavaaya & Cheru-Thirunaavaya near the banks Of Bharathappuzha river. And also seeing this holy atmosphere near the longest river of Kerala-Ie.Bharathappuzha, is a special feeling too. Here the description of Brahma is that, a four faced God who is seated on a lotus.The Lord has a water -pot, a Manucript, a sacrificial implement and a ladle in his four hands . Location: In Kerala, at Malappuram District, from Kuttippuram to Ponnani route -7- kilometers jouney to reach Tavanur. The way to east entrance of Brahma Temple is near Kelappaji Memoriyal Vocational Higher Secondary School , or The West Entrance of the Temple is near the River Side & infront of Shiva Temple. Timings Of The Temple: 5 Am To 9pm. & Evening 5.30 Pm To 7pm.