Ancient Temple Birbhum Welst Bengal India

Shakti peeth Vakreswar is in Birbhum district of West Bengal. Its arond 240KM from Kolkata. The main temple is quite near to principal rivers of Birbhum district. From Howrah you can take Hool expressor Mayurakshi Express and Get down at Shiiuri.Or you can get down at Ahmedpur station and from there it is just 15 miles. The place is famous for other scenic beauty of the particular region. One of them would include seven hot springs. As per the belief, an individual taking bath in one of that hot spring can remove all his sins which he had collected during his lifetime. Enlightenment was found by Maha muni Ashtabakta. During every shivaratri grand mela is conducted by the management of this powerful place known as shakti peeth Vakreswar.