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The travel destination this time is fixed as Rajapparamedu, the land of fog and traditional grandeur Rajapparamedu is a place with beautiful view points and is situated at the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu It can be reached by travelling a distance of just 2 km through cardamom forests on the Munnar-Thekkady route From here, one can have different views of Tamil Nadu ...

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This trip is to Vagamon which is one of the 10 tourist spots included in the National Geographic Travels Vagamon is the beautiful meeting place of tea estates, hillocks, green meadows, hills, fogs and mists Vagamon is a heaven for bike tourists It has basically a cool climate During monsoon season, rain clouds descend down on to the hillocks, and rains; this is heavenly scenery ...

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Kumily …. Ramakkalmedu

The plan was to visit Vandiperiyar and Gavi and then go to Thekkady, but route was changed and went to Kumily and Ramakkalmedu Kumily is an average city It can be called as the entrance to Thekkady and Tamil Nadu and is a spice trade center, which is what it is famous for The famous Mangaladevi Temple can be reached by going 12 km off road from Kumily through Thekkady forests Here, the festival is celebrated once in a year on the day of Chithra Pournami The forest guards open this jungle path only on this day ...

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This journey is to see the heaven on earth; yes, to see the sunrise at Kolukkumalai It is an inexplicable and dream-like experience, just like the waves of the sea Clouds surging between the hills with indescribable colors, just like waves in the sea, is a rare sight It is around 38 km from Munnar to Kolukkumalai The route goes as Munnar, Devikulam, Chinnakanal, Suryanelli and then, Kolukkumalai ...

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Thekkady Chellarkovil

I came to hear about Chellarkovil when I reached Kumily after visiting Ramakkalmedu Only when I enquired about the way to Chellarkovil did I realize that I was being foolish, I should have visited Chellarkovil on the way from Ramakkal There is no point in saying it now I decided to go straight to Chellarkovil ...

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Vandiperiyar … Gavi

After visiting Parunthumpara, the next destination is Vandiperiyar Vandiperiyar is famous for its tea plantations It is a beautiful and serene place Here, cardamom, black pepper and tea are available in plenty The famous river Periyar flows through this place Crossing the bridge across this river, we reach Vandiperiyar City ...

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The next travel destination is Parunthumpara in Idukki District Travelling along Kottayam, Kumily Road is a great experience The steep hills, hairpin bends, sprawling grasslands, deep chasms, fog that blocks the way at times, all these makes the trip interesting Mundakayam is the main town on this route Past Mundakayam lies steep hills and beautiful natural sceneries After Mundakayam comes Kuttikanam and Peerumedu which are popular hill resorts ...

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Rayiranelloor [Naranath Bhranthan]

It is all just a mad person’s dreams, a dream promising truth This time, the journey is to visit the “bhranthan” of the land of Kerala, through the ways of bhranthan The Malayil Bhagavathi Temple is situated at Rayiranelloor, near Pattambi, in Palakkad District At one side of the temple stands straight the “mad person” of Kerala, looking scornfully at the world ...

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