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Pattadakal is a farming village on the banks of Malaprabha River in Bagalkot District of Karnataka This place compensates the drawbacks of Aihole and has reached great heights in the art of architecture In every inch of space, one can see artistic works which are evidences of superior artistic dexterity ...

Ashok S P Aug-29- 2016 194

Yercaud is known as the Ooty of the poor It is a hill station in the district of Salem in Tamilnadu, situated at an altitude of 5970 feet above sea level Though it is one of the highest hill stations, it is not very cold here Yercaud is 30 km away from Salem This is a way through the forest and having 20 hairpin bends The hills looking like an open green umbrella is an incredible sight ...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 197
Meghamalai [Theni]

Meghamalai is an absolute heaven with western ghat hills touching the sky, dense forests, and path covered with snow; it looks like where heaven and earth unite; this is what I heard about Meghamalai which made it important for me to see the place When I enquired about the way to Meghamalai, I got the information that it is on the Kambam-Theni route Therefore, I decided to visit Theni as well Although I have travelled via Theni several times, I have not seen it properly ...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 562

The trip is again to enjoy the forests, this time, to Nelliyampathy, a famous hill station 60 km away from Palakkad We can see Pothundi Dam when we travel from Palakkad to Nenmara and from there, 8 km to the right Pothundi Dam is the largest dam in India that is made of earth ...

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Golconda Fort

Golconda Fort is a delightful piece of wonder It is around 10 km from Hyderabad to Golconda Fort The fort spreads across 8 km It is said that the Kakatiya Dynasty built the fort in the 13th century ...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 211
Ramoji Film City

The main idea of this tour is to see the largest film city in the world Built in 1996 in Anaspur Village of Hyderabad by Shri Ramoji Rao, this film city has found its place in the Guinness World Records From Hyderabad, it is an hour’s journey along Vijayawada Highway to reach Ramoji Film City ...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 181
Kakkoor Kalavayal

Kakkoor Kalavayal is a centuries-old harvest festival of South India The trip this time is to see this festival Agriculture is the coming together of man and nature, nature’s kindness for man’s sweat, but this blend is on the verge of extinction The beauty lies in the scent of mud and sludge, the endless greenery, etc Earlier bull racing competitions were conducted among farmers post harvest ...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 359
Mookambika, Kudajadri, Murudeshwara…

The journey this time is planned as a pilgrimage; as always, the purpose is to visit Sri Mookambika Devi Everytime I go to Mookambika, I go to Kudajadri as well This time, I included Murudeshwar also in the trip Kollur Mookambika Temple is situated in the district of Uduppi in Karnataka This time, I undertook the journey in the monsoon season, the reason being that during this season, visiting Kudajadri is a great experience Whenever I visit Mookambika, I stay at Bhagirathi Lodge ...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 793

This journey is to Masinagudi to enjoy the beauty of forests There is no other place like this anywhere near Kerala for watching wild animals Mudumalai National Park is the most beautiful place in Nilgiri District and the most attractive spot in Mudumalai National Park is Masinagudi It is around 271 km from Kochi to Masinagudi, the route being Thrissur – Pattambi – Perunthalmanna – Nilambur – Goodallur – Mudumalai National Park – Masinagudi The check post at Gudalloor closes at 7 30 in the evening, so it is...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 179
Jog Falls

Whatever is the purpose of the journey, travelling to places that I have never been to is always exciting and thrilling for me I say this because now my trip is to a small village called Bennur in Mysore The purpose of my journey is to visit the farm of Krishna Dasappa Gowda, a successful farmer in zero-budget organic farming, and also to visit Mahanandi Goshala started as a part of Amrutha Dhara Project, under the leadership of Raghaveshwara Swamy of Shree Ramachandrapura Mutt of Hosanagar, Shimoga in Karnataka, who stands for the...

Ashok S P Aug-23- 2016 262
Mathappu [Idukki]

God’s own land, created out of sandalwood, heavenly place of sweetness, cool-season vegetables and striking natural beauty, that is what Marayur is The trip is to Mathappu, a part of Anamudi National Park, via Marayur, Kanthalloor, Perumala and Mannavan Shola in Idukki District ...

Ashok S P Aug-23- 2016 309
Idukki – Part 2

In the first part on Idukki, I stopped at Ramakkalmedu From Ramakkalmedu, I travelled via Nedungandam, Elappara, taking the route to Kumily, Poopara, to Chathurangapparamedu near Udumbanchola The natural beauty of Chathurangapparamedu is a feast for the eyes The windmills and turfs give a feeling of exhilaration Taking the Munnar route, after 5 km, I arrived at Rajapparamedu, the land of legendary grandeur, fogs and natural beauty After visiting Rajapparamedu, I went to Santhanppara, Mathikettan Shola National Park,...

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