Bhoothathankettu, Pooyamkutty, Idamalayar

This is regarding a small tour, the purpose of which is to enjoy the beauty of nature; a trip through the forest villages of Bhoothathankettu, Idamalayar, Blavana, Pooyamkutty, Kandanpara, etc. of Kothamangalam in Ernakulam District; a journey through the laps of nature.  Bhoothathankettu Dam is the dam that adds beauty to the forests of Pindimana Village.


The old dam which is said to be built by ghosts can be seen when we walk 1 km through the forests along the side of the dam.  Trip through the forest is an interesting experience.  There is an artificial pool on the other side of the dam, where there are facilities for pedal boating.

Way To Old Dam

From Bhoothathankettu, I started for Idamalayar.  For seeing this dam, it is necessary to get a pass from Dam Safety Department which we can get by applying online; the website is and the phone number is 0471-2448972.  It is a beautiful dam situated among hills looking like nature’s earrings.


The natural beauty of this place is something that cannot be described in words.  In the morning, we can get fish caught fresh by fishermen.  Several species of birds such as hornbill, eagle, kingfisher, emerald dove, etc. have been reported.


After having a leisure stroll through this place, I went on to visit Pooyamkutty, a place blessed with abundance of greenery.  This naturally beautiful place is a part of western ghat mountain ranges.  Pooyamkutty is a center of beautiful scenery.  It can be said that this place is the capital of reeds.  The main source of income of the aboriginal people of this place is from forest resources like reeds, bamboo, rattan, etc.  There is a beautiful stream winding through the forest.  With all the rainforests, small waterfalls and song of forest birds, one feels like being in another world.

Pooyamkutty Chappathu

Pooyamkutty is a heaven for people interested in taking photos, writing articles and knowing the forest.  This lovely place is the eastern region of Kuttanpuzha Panchayat.  Near Pooyamkutty lie the tribal hamlets of Uriyampetty, Variyam, Thera, etc.  I took a person from here with me when I visited Kandanpara.  I had to travel a short distance through the forest in order to reach Kandanpara [for entering the forest, permission from forest guards should be obtained].


The attractive scenery of forest and forest stream that flows between rocks is a feast for the eyes.  Blavana Ferry is the only way that leads to forest villages like Thevarakudy which is the farthest polling booth in the district.  In Blavana Kadavu [ferry], we can see people and goods vehicles crossing the river on 2 boats tied together. As it got dark, I decided to leave the lap of nature and return to the rush of the city…....

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