Next is the tour to Thovalai, the market of flowers.  Thovalai is a beautiful village surrounded by hills and located in the Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu.  Thovalai stands first in Asia in the field of generation of electricity from wind.

 Thovalai Sunrise

The main attraction and the major source of income of the place is flower trade.  Majority of the people of this village are engaged in the floral industry.  Thovalai is a place of natural beauty.  Murugan Kovil, a temple on top of the hill, is a famous one.  The village of Thovalai can be seen almost wholly from the top of this hill.  The paddy fields, the flower farms that extend to even the boundaries of each house and the lively Tamil village life are something to be seen and enjoyed.


Thovalai is the main fresh flower source of Kerala.  The fresh flower market that starts early in the morning are something that should not be missed out.  Wild jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Globe Amaranth [Vadamalli], Jasmine, etc. among others create a world of colors in the flower market.

 Thovalai Flower Market

Flowers are sold wholesale as well as retail in this market.  Here, we can see people sitting and making flower garlands; making garlands of different colors and different sizes with hands that move faster than machines needs a tremendous amount of skill.

 Thovalai Flower Chain

The scent of the flowers, the bustle of flower bidding, all these create a festival atmosphere when the market is open.  The celebration of colors that can be seen here is the result of hard work that the members each family put in.