Ramoji Film City

The main idea of this tour is to see the largest film city in the world.  Built in 1996 in Anaspur Village of Hyderabad by Shri Ramoji Rao, this film city has found its place in the Guinness World Records.  From Hyderabad, it is an hour’s journey along Vijayawada Highway to reach Ramoji Film City.

The arch at the entrance itself is elegant.  Entrance is open only from 8.00 in the morning to 9.00 and the fee is Rs. 1000 per head.  They will take us in an open bus to all the sites and give descriptions of each site as well.

This film city is one which cannot be explained in words, one has to see it and experience.  It has numerous sites starting from Palakkad railway extending to Hollywood.

In a few minutes, cities turn to villages, villages turn to huge palaces and palaces turn to Hollywood.  The incredible sights of Mughal palaces and London streets are not to be missed out.  When we enter the China City, we feel like we are in China itself.

Mahabharatham serial set is beautiful and creative.  European streets, Statue of Liberty, Mughal palaces, etc. can be termed as original copy.

Shooting of several hit films has taken place here.  Other attractions of the city include butterfly park, amusement park, theater which shows cinema shooting techniques, stunt shooting, entertainments, circus, magic shows, water theme park and other events for enjoyment.

There are breathtaking art works and sculptures displayed at several spots.  Several fascinating entertainments are conducted in here, like dramas, dances, cultural entertainments of different places, etc.  It takes 1 full day to see and enjoy each site thoroughly.

Ramoji Group provides packages for staying as well as taking a tour around the film city.  The package includes accommodation, food and entertainment.

This is just a small account of the sites in Ramoji, there is more to be seen and said.  I took a quick glimpse all around and bid goodbye to Ramoji Film City, the pride of India.


Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 193