Mookambika, Kudajadri, Murudeshwara…

The journey this time is planned as a pilgrimage; as always, the purpose is to visit Sri Mookambika Devi.  Everytime I go to Mookambika, I go to Kudajadri as well.  This time, I included Murudeshwar also in the trip.  Kollur Mookambika Temple is situated in the district of Uduppi in Karnataka.  This time, I undertook the journey in the monsoon season, the reason being that during this season, visiting Kudajadri is a great experience.  Whenever I visit Mookambika, I stay at Bhagirathi Lodge.

Mookambika Temple


With the help of Parameshwara Adiga who usually comes there, I get to do the rituals in the temple and visit the goddess.  As usual, I reached Kollur on the day before. Next day early morning, I took bath in Souparnika and went on to visit the goddess in the temple.  Since there was no rush, I was happy that I could see the goddess comfortably.  The sight of Mookambika Devi is one that gives joy to the body and mind.  The way Adiga dresses up, the graceful faces that reveals the presence of goddess, the visit to the goddess, all of them make us forget our normal busy schedules.



After visiting the temple and having food, I took a jeep for rent and started for Kudajadri.  Kudajadri is off road for some distance.  Whenever I visit the place, I feel like I am seeing it for the first time.  Rain started by the time I reached Kudajadri.  View of Kudajadri in the rain is soothing to the eyes.

Idol of Ganapathi

I started climbing the hill, careful not to slip in the rain.  Since it is the rainy season, leeches started clinging on to my legs.  When rain stopped, while travelling through the forests of Sahya, I enjoyed the songs of birds, the surprised faces of wild rabbits that jumps across the way, colorful flowers, fog that blocks the way after the rain, and the tingling coldness.

Sarvajna Peedam


Going forward, there is Shri Bhadrakali Temple which is considered as the original seat of Shri Mookambika Devi.  There is a pond there and climbing up, there is a cave on the slope of the hill, where an idol of Ganapathi is installed and a lamp is kept lighted in front of it.  As I climbed further up, I saw Sarvajna Peedam, very beautiful as it stands covered with snow.


It is the place where Shri Adi Sankara got vision of goddess.  Sarvajna Peedam is a small temple made out of basalt.  Climbing down the hill, we can reach ancient Chithramoola on the other side.  After visiting Chithramoola, I said goodbye to the beautiful forests of Sahya and climbed down and reached Kollur.  I bowed before Mookambika one more time and went straight to Murudeshwara.

Murudeshwara Statue Of Shiva