Rayiranelloor [Naranath Bhranthan]

 It is all just a mad person’s dreams, a dream promising truth.  This time, the journey is to visit the “bhranthan” of the land of Kerala, through the ways of bhranthan.  The Malayil Bhagavathi Temple is situated at Rayiranelloor, near Pattambi, in Palakkad District.  At one side of the temple stands straight the “mad person” of Kerala, looking scornfully at the world. 

Naranath Bhranthan

 It takes 1 hour to climb this hill.  The natural beauty that can be seen from here is a feast for the eyes.  Legend says that the goddess visited Naranath Bhranthan on the 1st of Thulam.  So, on this day, people from many places come to this place for climbing the hills.  Narayanamangalathu Mana [Aamayoor Mana], where Naranath Bhranthan lived, is still here.

Narayanamangalathu Mana [Aamayoor Mana]

  After visiting Bhranthan, I went to see the Naranathubhranthachala Temple where he is said to have been kept in chains.  There we can see the Strychnine tree (Kanjira Tree) to which he is said to have been shackled.  The chain with which he was shackled can be seen hidden under the skin of the tree.

Strychnine Tree


The temple is situated on top of the rocks here.  Below this, the cave that is supposedly built by him in 1 day can be seen.  From there, I went on to visit the Pakkanar Temple situated at Attingal.  Then, I visited Vemancheri Mana where the great Agnihotri lived, which is now preserved as a temple.  
I concluded the journey deciding to visit the rest of ‘the 12’ later on.

Vemancheri Mana 

Pakkanar Temple

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