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A Trip to Thailand – Part 6

I reached my room very late after the previous day’s cruise dinner So, I woke up late My programme for today is a visit to Safari Marine Park (Safari World) I dressed up as fast as I could and went downstairs and got into a taxi to go to the park The park is at a distance of 30 km from the Palace Hotel where I stayed The entrance to the park itself is quite royal, ochre coloured and resembling the architectural style that the Mughals used for building forts On the top of the fort-like model, ‘Safari Park’ is beautifully engraved I...

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A Trip to Thailand – Part 5;;;

The topic of this article is River City, a wonderful view on the Chao Phraya River River City is a four-storey shopping mall Antiques, rare pictures of Buddha, clay images, utensils, ornaments, sculptures, numerous hotels, cafes, there is nothing that one cannot find here Each shop is an amazing sight There are Thai beauties wearing traditional dresses welcoming people to the mall River City Wearing crown on the head and holding...

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A Trip to Thailand – Part 4;;

Nong Nooch Village is a man-made wonder which takes us to a world that combines the artistic culture of the beautiful country of Thailand with real life scenes and natural beauty that covers vast acres of land In the last part, I concluded by describing about the elephant show After the show, I had food and then decided to have a glance at Nong Nooch Village Butterfly Hill It takes 1-1/2 days to see and enjoy the whole of it The...

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A Trip to Thailand – Part 3

It was past 3 o’ clock when I reached Pattaya back from Coral Island My next destination was the world’s biggest floating market The distance from Pattaya to the floating market is 6 km The front of the market itself is very attractive The entrance is constructed in such a way as to resemble a large boat Entrance in Floating Market There is a beautiful figure of elephant made in wood in front of the ticket counter ...

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A Trip to Thailand – Part 2

After an hour of rest in the hotel room in Pattaya, I went to see Alcazar Cabaret The show is conducted in a theatre consisting of more than 1000 seats The show started within a short time Though the name of the show is Alcazar Cabaret, this is a beautiful programme in which a number of wonderful dancers with lovely costumes participate It would be a great loss if you do not watch this programme in which more than 200 artists take part The amazing stage settings that change with the captivating scenes in the dance, the matching...

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A Trip to Thailand – Part 1;;;

September 17, 2017; Indian time 5 30 a m ; a dream came true when I set my feet in Bangkok, one of the world’s top tourist destinations Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of Thailand It is the favourite spot of tourists with its historic Grand Palace, Buddhist temples, famous nightlife and cultural heritage, every sphere at its peak

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Aayiram Kovil Edam [Kanchipuram] Part 2 ;;;;;

Kailasnath Temple is it a temple or a mound of fine arts from all over the world? At first, I did not understand anything When I took a closer look, I saw a wall...

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Aayiram Kovil Edam [Kanchipuram] Part 1;;;;

Life is like that; sometimes, it gives us what we want; sometimes, we do not get what we want; and sometimes, we get what we want, but with great delay Travelling is...

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In The Land Of Palmyrahs – Palakkad

Palakkad or Palghat which stands first in the state of Kerala’s artistic and cultural traditions is also the granary of Kerala I stayed in Palakkad for 3...

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Kaanana Kannagi [Mangala Devi];;;;;;

A visit to Mangala Devi Temple on the day of Chithra Pournami was a long-cherished dream which finally came true this time My friend is working in Kumily Forest Department He called me up when he was put on duty at Mangala Devi He told me to reach there early morning, but I could reach Kumily only by 11 00 a m When I enquired in the office, I got the information that my friend had already left for Mangala Devi I called him on the...

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In The Land Of Festivals [Madurai Meenakshi Temple, Alagar Kovil]

Located on the banks of the holy Vaigai River, Madurai is a large city, a city of ceremonial temple halls or mandapams which are the best examples of architectural...

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A Journey to Akash Ganga [ Kolli Hills ]

This is about a journey through the beautiful Tamil farm villages to Kolli Hills or Kollimalai The attractive Kolli Hills is situated 1300 meters above sea...

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