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Sathyamangalam, Pollachi, Valparai [A Driving Trip]

National strike was held on October 2nd, 2016 Around 10 o’ clock, I felt bored and rang up a friend of mine to see if we can go on a trip He said he is ready and so, we started the tour Since the strikes are not that severe in Tamil Nadu, we decided our destination to be Tamil Nadu To tell the truth, we were a bit worried but to our relief, the journey via Thrissur and Palakkad till the border was uneventful ...

Ashok S P Jan-06- 2017 403
Hampi – Part 2

Padmanabhaswamy Temple of Thiruvananthapuram is built in the same model as that of Achyutaraya Temple of Hampi These 2 are built in 2 different decades The architectural works of Achyutaraya Temple are mesmerizing Lively statues and carvings done on each stone are capable of capturing the complete attention of the viewer ...

Ashok S P Aug-30- 2016 292
Meghamalai [Theni]

Meghamalai is an absolute heaven with western ghat hills touching the sky, dense forests, and path covered with snow; it looks like where heaven and earth unite; this is what I heard about Meghamalai which made it important for me to see the place When I enquired about the way to Meghamalai, I got the information that it is on the Kambam-Theni route Therefore, I decided to visit Theni as well Although I have travelled via Theni several times, I have not seen it properly ...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 602

The trip is again to enjoy the forests, this time, to Nelliyampathy, a famous hill station 60 km away from Palakkad We can see Pothundi Dam when we travel from Palakkad to Nenmara and from there, 8 km to the right Pothundi Dam is the largest dam in India that is made of earth ...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 296
Idukki – Part I

Idukki, the God’s own land in God’s own country; it is the only district of tourism which cheers up and provides information to the eyes, ears and mind Idukki is one of the districts that, along with the heavenly place of Munnar, has 3 or 4 national parks, numerous waterfalls and has achieved great heights in ecotourism, and can be compared with Switzerland, the world famous tourist attraction ...

Ashok S P Aug-19- 2016 403
Kumily …. Ramakkalmedu

The plan was to visit Vandiperiyar and Gavi and then go to Thekkady, but route was changed and went to Kumily and Ramakkalmedu Kumily is an average city It can be called as the entrance to Thekkady and Tamil Nadu and is a spice trade center, which is what it is famous for The famous Mangaladevi Temple can be reached by going 12 km off road from Kumily through Thekkady forests Here, the festival is celebrated once in a year on the day of Chithra Pournami The forest guards open this jungle path only on this day ...

Ashok S P Aug-18- 2016 313

The next travel destination is Parunthumpara in Idukki District Travelling along Kottayam, Kumily Road is a great experience The steep hills, hairpin bends, sprawling grasslands, deep chasms, fog that blocks the way at times, all these makes the trip interesting Mundakayam is the main town on this route Past Mundakayam lies steep hills and beautiful natural sceneries After Mundakayam comes Kuttikanam and Peerumedu which are popular hill resorts ...

Ashok S P Aug-17- 2016 241

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