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Kakkoor Kalavayal

Kakkoor Kalavayal is a centuries-old harvest festival of South India The trip this time is to see this festival Agriculture is the coming together of man and nature, nature’s kindness for man’s sweat, but this blend is on the verge of extinction The beauty lies in the scent of mud and sludge, the endless greenery, etc Earlier bull racing competitions were conducted among farmers post harvest ...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 397
Mookambika, Kudajadri, Murudeshwara…

The journey this time is planned as a pilgrimage; as always, the purpose is to visit Sri Mookambika Devi Everytime I go to Mookambika, I go to Kudajadri as well This time, I included Murudeshwar also in the trip Kollur Mookambika Temple is situated in the district of Uduppi in Karnataka This time, I undertook the journey in the monsoon season, the reason being that during this season, visiting Kudajadri is a great experience Whenever I visit Mookambika, I stay at Bhagirathi Lodge ...

Ashok S P Aug-24- 2016 880

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